TJL Associates Ltd - Commercial Property Strategists,
Ground Floor 25 - 29 Tennyson Street, Wellington, New Zealand,  PO Box 12224, Wellington 6011
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The consultancy arm of TJL provides commercial property owners with a detailed asset analysis, and provides recommendations for increasing revenue streams and maximizing the property's usage, development and financial potential.

This information assists decisions regarding capital expenditure programmes both in terms of scale and priority with the aim of providing optimal gain in the property's revenue and value.

These comprehensive design programmes can be structured in stages if required to accommodate financial or market drivers, or used as “off plan” development options showing the potential increase in asset value to financiers or investors.

Our aim is to mitigate risk and costs attributed to property speculation (finance, land procurement, construction, leasing) through stringent and detailed procedures. This approach also allows TJL to provide options for greater operational and cost efficiencies while providing a strong focus on function, utility and design.